Doncaster Secondary College Careers

Required Documents

Required Documents

Workplace Learning - Documents:

For Doncaster Secondary College Year 10 Careers Experience (you may need the following documents):

The Work Experience Arrangement Form
Work Experience Travel/Accommodation
Arrangements Form
You can also check out the "Workplace Hazards Fact Sheets here
For Stuctured Workplace Learning (such as VET courses):
The Structured Workplace Learning Arrangement Form
The Structured Workplace Travel/Accommodation Arrangements Form
For Parents:  
The Parent/Carers Guide to Workplace Learning
For Employers:  
The Employers Guide to Workplace Learning
Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines for Employers

Working With Animals:

If you intend to undertake a placement that involves working with animals, you make need to read and complete the following documents as well:

Work Experience Guidelines for Working With Animals - Click here

Workplace Hazards in Working with Animals - Click here

If you are still unsure or have questions, please see the Career Practitioner in the Careers office.